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What We Do

We are an association of young students who are actively seeking to contribute to a sustainable future for our earth. We come from different fields and backgrounds, ranging from biology to cultural anthropology, from psychology to law.
Many goals concerning climate change have been set. However, what we really need are concrete solutions, which are scientifically proven to work.

That’s where we want to take action. We are an association, which locates environmental problems through analysing societal behaviour. Through scientific information, we then define the deficiencies that are occurring, and afterwards communicate where solutions are needed to change this behaviour.


Our Projects


We are creating an app together with MyBluePlanet, which helps inspire the users to achieving a sustainable lifestyle.

Public Petitions

We are planning to present a public petition in order to establish an independent scientific committee, whose role would be to adequately inform the Swiss government on the wide ranging impact of their decisions with respect to climate change.

School Projects

With the motto “from local, to global and back”, we are showing links between the earth’s climate and its effect on everyday life to children and teenagers at various school levels.

Discussion Events

We are planning an event called “Culture meets Climate”, where representatives from the Swiss cultural scene will be invited to discuss their own contributions.

Our Departments


Our presidium represents the association. It coordinates the association’s affairs, convenes the board and leads their meetings. It also initiates projects, develops new visions and gives advice to all members.

Finance, Marketing & IT

The Department of Finance, Marketing & IT takes care of the association’s budget. It also develops a marketing and communication strategy and implements it. This department keeps all the relevant information we need for our work. Furthermore, it develops concepts and strategies for fundraising in order to finance our projects.


That is where all our data, which we need for our work, is collected and analysed. This data mainly consists of the latest scientific facts, theses and research. It also analyses the Swiss point of view and investigates starting points for our projects, especially on social media.

Dialog of Technical Measures

In this department, we look at the technical solutions that are currently available which delay the impact of climate change long enough to achieve the lifestyle change and to communicate these solutions in a manner that results in the least amount of resistance within the population as possible. The fight against climate change should not be seen as an ideology, but as a national mission.

Lifestyle Change

The clear goal is an environmentally friendly society that acts sustainably in all aspects of daily life. We want to reach as many people as possible and instead of demanding a radical change, alternatives should be created. We have to focus on the big losses of tomorrow, which we can prevent by small changes today. We want people to know, love and explore nature in order to make them want to save it. This is where the department of lifestyle change takes action.

"Swissness" Export

Switzerland, with its excellent efficiency and technical prowess, could be a role model for a sustainable society. This “Swissness” concept (technical solutions and lifestyle change) could prove its worth and be exported through different projects in various areas. Acting as a role model, it could bring about international advancements and help other countries make changes.

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