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Activity Fair

Our successful start into the new year started in the Acitivity Fair of the University of Zürich.
Presentations, our ideals and how it went - everything is in here. This is how we started!

On February 27, we attended the Activity Fair at the University of Zurich. Together with dozens of other associations we presented who we are and what we do to the students. We especially pointed out on our upcoming event at the “Nachhaltigkeitswoche”, in which we will present our app “MyBluePlanet”.

Sustainability is a big concern also among the student community, so of course we were not the only association alerting the problematics of climate change. Luckily there’s no competitiveness between these associations and “respectomorrow”, we are looking for a collaboration other than a concurrence, and we think other associations have the same mindset.

The visitors of the Activity Fair did see what differs “respectomorrow” from other climate-based associations though and liked the idea of our app a lot. They understood that “respectomorrow” doesn’t stand for radical, painful and sudden changes, but small sacrifices for a big win tomorrow.

Because we represent sustainability, we didn’t print any flyers. Instead, we encouraged the visitors to take a picture of the only flyer we brought with us, which worked very well. They showed a lot of interest in the app and we could see that the idea has spread out, as a lot of people started asking us about the app directly.

After the Activity Fair, the board and some members of our association got together in a “Social Event”. There we met and got to know each other, as many of the members haven’t met all the board members yet and vice versa. We had some snacks, beers, good talks and laughs.

Overall it was a very successful day, we hope yet more interested people to show up and also...
Give us constructive feedback for our app!