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Hi again!

It's me, the insect. I just wanted to show you I was serious about changing my behaviour by writing you again. I might make this a habit, to write you my little changes. Those are the ones changing the most, after all. I already wanted to change my life completely from one day to the other, but I had to stop myself this time. No, I am not gonna rush. Although there should be a rush on changing a lot here on you, I rather change bit by bit but forever than by a back and forth of good and bad habits.

So, my newest habit is using less soap: as I watched the liquid soap flow slowly onto my hand the other morning, I asked myself if the idea of 'the more the better' really applies on soap and just poured half of the amount I usually use.

And, as you probably knew, this amount was also enough to foam and wash. I tried the same with the soap bar for the hands - same result - it is enough to rub the bar half of the time usually done. After all, the point is to wash the hands, and not foam them until they look like clouds -> what cleans is not only the foam but the time the liquid solved on our hands is rubbed against the skin.

I started to think further and imagined how many bubbles the oceans waters may produce, the rivers foam and the soils probably soak with it, as their waters are always in motion. Yes, the water (mostly) gets cleaned before it goes back into nature, but the chemicals used for it stay, even only in small amounts. Doing this some more cycles, the water is not that pure anymore, right? And that's what we might drink in the far (not that far) future... So why don't we just throw less soap into the waters? What if only half of a country would try doing this...?

Yeah, why not?