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My first letter to the world

This is my first letter to the world. I know I am destroying it slowly and am a part of it, so I decede

Hello World

I am just another small barbarian insect on you, living parasitically and only taking from you and not ever giving something back. I don't even expect you to know me or ever having seen me. After all, I am just like the other ones to you. But I just wanted to inform you that lately I've been thinking a lot on my behaviour and decided to change something.

Yes, I am very small and only one insect, but I as one creature produce, in average, 2,8 kg CO2 per day driving, that is 11,4 kg per week, and already ~593,6 kg CO2 per year!!
Apart from this, I eat meat very often, as well as I buy many products that were grown on completely another continent, where laws and respect don't seem to count on life.
My shower time is sacred – and mostly too long for what it is meant for. I read a lot (definitely not e-books) and use way too much paper. I could go on with my list forever. My life is not very friendly to you, as you see. Not at all. And I am getting more and more conscious of it. I have done so much harm to you and I am so sorry.

But I’ve already tried once to completely change my lifestyle, and it sucked. It was obvious, the almost perfect recipe to failure: Not giving the mind the time to reflect and get used to the new.

Even so, after a long fall, I decided to try again. I will probably never reach perfection and will keep on trying forever, but I am only a human. Even if I don't succeed in everything, I can say I at least have tried. I cannot watch anymore the suffering caused from our egoistical uses without doing nothing. If I don't start by myself, who will tell me to? I hope I can make a difference. I probably will. Because I really want to.